Renewable Energy


Firecomms fiber optic solutions deliver on the harsh demands of the wind and solar power industry, ensuring that the integrity of processed data not be compromised by rugged environments and extreme climates. Firecomms has developed light sources and communications ICs with the deep understanding of the stresses and strains placed on renewable energy applications. Our light sources use Resonant Cavity LED (RCLED) technology to ensure the strongest optical output at the lowest currents while preserving stability after decades of operation. Our robust receiver topologies guarantee error-free reception in high EMI fields.






Benefits of Firecomms Fiber Optics for Renewable Energy Applications

Firecomms products with Plastic Optical or Plastic Clad Fiber (POF/PCS) links offer many advantages in renewable energy applications:

  • EMI/RFI immunity ideal for industrial, harsh, noisy environments, such as high voltage DC
  • inverters motor controllers, and frequency inverters
  • Galvanic isolation between transmitter and receiver, ideal for complying with, or extending creepage and clearance distance requirements
  • Visible spectrum operation enables eye-safe, fast troubleshooting
  • Low power consumption, transmitters capable of operation at 3-4mA
  • Durable, flexible and lightweight
  • Resilient to bending and vibrations
  • High reliability for extended machine uptime
  • Industrial temperature in range of -40 to +85ºC
  • Reduced maintenance cycle time provides up to a 20-year lifecycle on transceivers and cables
  • Simplified field installation for easy termination of large core optical fibers in custom distances


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