Firecomms partners with Acal BFi to provide optical devices and POF transceivers to European customers

13 Jan, 2017


  • Acal BFi now offers Firecomms’ pioneering optical devices and plastic optical fibre transceivers to European customers as part of new partnership agreement.
  • Firecomms is a leading-edge design and manufacturing company of opto-electronic communication technology.
  • All Firecomms’ products are subject to intensive quality control and testing procedures, with detailed reliability data developed over time.
  • Products ideally suited to industrial, harsh and noisy environments.


(Cork, Ireland, 13 January 2017) Firecomms, a world leader in advanced optical interconnects and specialists in Plastic Optic Fibre (POF) technology, is pleased to announce its new partnership with Acal BFi, European leader in advanced technology solutions. Multiple market segments can now access Firecomms’ highly efficient RCLED’s, RedLink transceivers for POF and connectorless Optolock® transceivers through Acal BFi.  

Firecomms skilfully combines state-of-the-art compound and silicon semiconductor technology with inventive small-scale integration for rugged communications on short links and across high-voltage isolation barriers. The company’s robust transceivers and receivers feature Firecomm’s cutting-edge POF technology making them ideally suited to industrial, harsh and noisy environments and applications.

These lightweight, durable and flexible products are resilient to bending and vibrations for simple field installation, yet offer visible spectrum operation, allowing fast, eye-safe troubleshooting. With low power consumption, Firecomms’ products offer reduced maintenance cycle times and best-in-class lifecycle on transceivers and cables.

Firecomms’ technology is used and respected in many market segments including power and energy, industrial, transportation, automotive, medical, gaming, military, aeronautical and the consumer market.

Dr. John Lambkin, Firecomms’ European Managing Director and Chief Technical Officer says, “We are extremely excited to partner with Acal BFi to bring our innovative products to a European market. Acal BFi is uniquely placed to offer the highest level of technical support for customers from all disciplines. Great customer service and support is a corner stone of the Firecomms’ experience and with Acal BFi’s expertise, we are confident more customers will be able to access and utilise Firecomms’ leading edge technology.”  

Lee Austin, Business Development Director, Acal BFi, adds, “Acal BFi has always led by bringing pioneering products to market and supporting the development technology. The truly inventive products offered by Firecomms are based on state-of-art research completed by the Firecomms team of respected PhD researchers, all of whom are leading members in their fields. We are hugely excited to offer our customers the latest innovation in the marketplace.”


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