Firecomms partner with Litho Circuits for the development of their own component libraries in order to improve customer experience

14 Feb, 2023


Firecomms partner with Litho Circuits for the development of their own component libraries in order to improve customer experience.

Firecomms, a global leader in Plastic Optic Fiber (POF) transceivers and the provision of fiber optic solutions, are partnering with Litho Circuits, a one-stop solution for all PCB requirements, by releasing Altium PCB footprints on the Firecomms’ website.

Firecomms transceivers are through hole wave solder electronic components and must be added to a PCB using the correct electronic footprint. Historically engineers would turn to datasheets to get the mechanical layout and the electronic pin assignment, and from that they would use a PCB CAD design package to make a suitable footprint and add Firecomms devices to their schematic.

Firecomms invested in making their own component libraries to help accelerate their customer design activity and offering a simple drag and drop solution for engineers looking to use Firecomms’ devices on their PCBs.

By providing these models Firecomms ensure that customers get the mechanical design exactly right, and that the electrical pinout is 100% correct. It also eliminates common mistakes in the footprint, where top view and bottom view are confused, and customers might end up with components on the wrong side of the PCB.

-“In a world where time is money, where R&D is under time constraints to deliver quickly, Firecomms sees the provision of the PCB layout models as a serious customer care service providing a 21st century solution to the design in process of our parts.”– says Michael O’Gorman, Head of Product Development & Applications at Firecomms.



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