Firecomms present their latest technology and products for data links over Plastic Optic Fiber (POF)

28 Jan, 2019

Firecomms, a global leader in Plastic Optic Fibre (POF) Transceivers and the provision of fiber optic solutions, are announcing their latest range of optical fiber components.


In response to the rising demands for higher EMI immunity particularly in electrical drive design, Firecomms have improved the product offerings right throughout their product portfolio.

The RedLink® family offers the standard 1, 5, 10 and 50 MBd parts in the new dual voltage 3.3V and 5V options in Horizontal, Vertical and newly introduced 30° Tilted housing. Designers can optimize their design by selecting a RedLink® Transmitter with integrated driver IC and with either inverting or non-inverting logic options for both the Transmitter and the Receiver.

For Command and Control applications Firecomms are proud to present their roadmap for their OptoLock® and LC transceiver solution operating at the DC– 50 MBd data-rate. The simplicity of termination, cutting with a simple blade followed by direct insertion into the OptoLock® is ideal to achieve a cost effective and compact plugless connector board design while maintaining a high EMI / EMC immunity. The metal shield of the OptoLock® and the conductive body of the LC provide additional EMI shielding, which is not currently available in existing low speed transceivers on the market.


For applications requiring robust plug retention and endurance against vibrations and mechanical shock the DC – 50 MBd LC transceiver represents an ideal solution; it can operate from 5 V or 3.3 V DC power supply rails within an industrial temperature range. 


With the expansion of their POF Cable offering both on standard and customized simplex or duplex solutions which include a variety of plugs, in-line connectors and accessories, Firecomms are positioning themselves to be a One Stop Shop supplier for any POF requirement in the Industrial Market.